From the growing need for companies to evaluate their projects through feasibility studies seeking a needs assessment, requirements, impacts and other essential topics in the pre-deployment phase, Tekann created its own Project Factory, responsible for ensuring excellence in the initial assessment phase, through appropriate methodologies and good practices in software development processes.

The complete performance of the process of the Project Factory begins with the detailed analysis of customer requirements and goes until the delivery phase of the project. The steps are listed below:

Fábrica de Projetos Tekkan

Start-up Stage

In the initial stage, there is the process of identifying the key points of the project. In addition to the identification of the real needs of the customer, this step becomes critical for being responsible for assessing the best solution to be developed.

Once the project is in accordance with the customer needs, it is carried out the gathering of requirements, expectations, budget, timelines and it is defined the preliminary scope of the project, beginning with the next step.


Planning Stage

The Planning Stage begins through the development of the Project Management Plan, a document that according to the needs, complexity and/or demand of the customer/project, determines the processes that will be used in the development. Among the most common processes there are:

  • Planning and definition of the scope
  • EAP (Analytic Structure of the Project) definition
  • Activities definition
  • Resources
  • Schedule
  • Qualities


Execution Stage

In this stage occurs the implementation of the project, running the processes that have been identified as essential for the implementation thereof, such as:

  • Mobilization of the responsible team
  • Required training
  • Distribution of identified information


Monitoring and Control Stage

In monitoring and control stage occurs the management of funds allocated for the project, and:

  • Guarantee of the scope
  • Schedule
  • Performance reports
  • Cost Control

It is a critical stage in the progress of the project as it is the stage where there will be the management of all activities that will influence the implementation of the project as planned, being possible to interfere directly in cost, time and quality of the product to be delivered.

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Closure stage

Fundamental to the process of Tekann Project Factory, the closure phase will encompass the final development activities, such as:

  • Collecting terms of acceptance of the customer
  • Registration of lessons learned with the project
  • Document filing and project information to be used in future projects


Planned steps
on the Project

  • Requirements gathering
  • Business analysis / data
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Beta Version
  • Final Version
  • Individual and Integrated Tests
  • Trainning
  • Implementation

The activities of the project, analysis, construction class model/data, construction of BPM (Business Process Model), testing procedures, training, documentation, contingency procedures and others, are defined together with the client.