Meu Resíduo

Meu Resíduo is a tool that supports companies in the management of information of waste collected by the field teams, through the management of routes and traceability of information.

Web Portal
  • To provide administrative and operational visibility, the Web Portal (cloud environment) includes information about customers, contracts, classes, waste, collection points, users, the conference of data collected by the field teams, route management and reports. Furthermore, some strategic information are available via dashboard and reports.

  • Meu Resíduo application can be used without the need of internet by the field staff
App Mobile
  • Available in three main players Mobile in the market: Android, iOS and Windows Phone


  • Organize routes of field teams
  • Map the collection sites
  • Record the collected waste
  • Validate the information on the collection point
  • Track the information of the collection
  • Eliminate register and manual control
  • Capture photographic evidences of collections