Data4Company is a corporate platform to carry out the management, interpretation and application of data collection on mobile devices.

Through the Data4Company and its customizable features, users will be able to assemble their forms in a visual and intuitive way, ensuring flexibility and productivity.

Data4Company offers a wide variety of components that can be combined according to the needs of each customer.

Web Portal:

  • Through the web portal, it is possible to manage the forms, tasks and messages for the use on mobile devices.

App Mobile:

  • It interprets the forms configured on the web portal and collects data within the defined parameters. Data are collected in Off-Line mode with protection of data stored locally.

Web Portal Forms Management

  • The Web Portal environment, hosted in the cloud, manages the data forms, a kind of structured data model that is interpreted by the Mobile Customer.
  • Through a modern interface, the environment Administrator or a particular authorized user will be able to:

    - Create Data Groups for data capture
    - Manage users and their access permissions to the portal
    - Register customers where data collection will occur
    - Create bank components to be reused in new Data Forms
    - Send messages and tasks to one or more users

Mobile Customer Interpretation of Forms

  • The Data4Company Mobile Customer runs locally on a Smartphone or Tablet, interpreting the data forms configured on the Web Portal and storing the collected data to be sent to the portal.
  • The Data Forms sent to the Mobile Customer can make use of GPS, Camera, Barcode and Signature Reader, since they are available on the device.

Suggested applications:

  • Inspections
  • Audits
  • Check-Lists
  • Registration forms
  • Monitoring forms
  • Questionnaires / Researches
  • General data collections

Evaluation Forms to:

  • Distribution Systems
  • Attendance to Retail
  • Sales Promotion Teams
  • Sales Team Efficiency
  • Among others…