Increased productivity, cost reduction and redundancy in access to information: Key issues of a global market and that each year is bringing major challenges to companies.

The goal of Tekann is to transform these challenges into a process of renovation of its customers. Our focus of activity goes beyond developing innovative technological solutions. We are a company that works in the constant evolution of its services helping customers to be at the forefront of mobile technology.

Tekann operates in software development for multiple mobile operating systems through the TotalCross framework. The methodology and the development pattern of Tekann, together with its own development tool called TotalCross Studio, allow that applications developed run on mobile phones, Smartphones, PDAs and tablets, ensuring access through practically all existing mobile platforms today. Tekann solutions enable its customers to computerize all sectors of the company and ensure direct access to information anytime and anywhere, either through new applications or the integration processes with existing systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), one of the key points and greater know-how of the company.

Mobility: a reality in companies operating at the technological forefront

Mobility: a reality in companies operating at the technological forefront

To win in an increasingly competitive market, regardless of the area of operation, companies need to be agile and efficient in all stages of the business. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to have tools that ensure access to information, an essential point and increasingly important in the strategy of companies. Only through accurate, reliable and updated information increasingly rapid (or even in real time) is that companies become able to make strategic decisions for their enterprises. Therefore, the performance of Tekann is essential in the three main focuses of mobile technology:


Traceability is a growing need and its requirement is increasingly reaching diverse lines of business. With the massive use by companies and people of mobile phones, PDA's, smartphones and tablets, it can be seen in these devices a simple, fast and efficient solution for information records of various steps and stages of a process. With the possibility of online integration with backend systems, the use of mobile technology enables the validation of real-time information, a process that was previously done via forms or disconnected equipment, creating bureaucracy, retyping of information and increased incidence of errors.

Today, with the progress in the visualization capability, storage and connectivity, to explore the features of these devices has become unquestionable and a differential for companies.


With the need for cost reduction, increased productivity, process agility and generate effective results, the pressure at the management level is a reality. This situation brings to the market, annually, many applications that ensure precise feedback and in real-time of information. However, these applications stumble at a crucial factor: Access limitation.

The market requires companies to be in constant movement and several factors benefit the use of applications on mobile devices, with competitive advantages such as rich interfaces, access performance via wireless and 3G networks and all the undoubted ease of using a mobile device or smartphone where, literally, we have all information in our hands!


Access to information is the key point. Directors, presidents and people responsible for taking decisions need information but, most of the time, they cannot or are not in front of their computers, although they are never distant from their smartphones and tablets. This is the differential exploited by mobile applications developed by Tekann as the relevant information for taking decisions, updated in real time or loaded from an integrated database, are available 24 hours a day.

Technology and know-how

Tekann is focused on acting as a partner for its customers in all projects, helping them to define new solutions adding value to the customer's business.

Our team, who is constantly evolving and improving, is led by professionals who closely follow the projects and remains aligned with the customer, working to ensure the development of applications that address the unique needs of each business.