The automation process of the sectors of a company, either by desktop applications or by a complete ERP system with sellers recording information via smartphone in real time has to, first of all, be planned strategically and intelligently. Tekann understands the need to assess the requirements and know the business of its customers, besides analyzing how current systems and methodologies of companies have been running.

Our commitment is to help to take smart and strategic decisions to achieve the desired results and give support, from the initial stage, in the process of mobility with the performance of expert consultants in the following topics:

Consulting and project management

Acting where there is need for organization of project management processes, either through the adoption of good practices or through the definition of own management methodology.

e.g. Generating a standard document for project management.

Consulting of services management

Acting where there is need for organization or creation of service desk, encompassing project management processes of system development through the generation of workflow of the the services provided.

e.g. Implementation of service desk integrating the support and development area.

Systems development consultancy

Acting where there is need for organization of systems development sector through the definition or identification of modeling and development tools, identifying and adopting best practices recognized in the market, databases or managing the approval of an implementation that involves software development.